For anyone that doesn’t know ‘Would You Like The Truth Or Something Beautiful*?’ Is actually the title of a song by Paloma Faith check out her powerful performances on YouTube they are excellent!

But those words could actually relate to so many different things in life, most of us might not want to hear the truth about a business project for example. However it is only by looking at an idea with constructive input from those that can help can such a project have the best chance of success. It is definitely worth taking the time to draft out your idea and run it past people that know the sector you are looking at getting into to see what their views are on your proposal.

As an example I remember  a few years ago as a publishing venture I was looking at producing a guide to organic produce and carried out my own research. There was a lot of information out there but it was not all in the one place and I thought this could be a good opportunity to bring it all together, get some interviews with knowledgeable individuals in the sector and produce a reasonably prices guide.

I took this idea to a contact in publishing and talked it through. Her comments started of with what a worthwhile topic this was (‘Something Beautiful?’), and then went on in a constructive way to explain how actually it would be too niche a subject for a hard copy print run (‘The Truth’) and that it would not be financially viable in that format. I took those insightful comments in a positive manner. Now it’s a project that might see the light of day sometime as an e book or print on demand, but currently there are more urgent projects with bigger audiences that are more pressing.

The lesson is always run your ideas past someone in the sector who knows what they are talking about and get their input, which might save you a lot of time and money. Another benefit can be that they might have a contact that can help you with the project you have in mind.

Even though I  have a lot of experience in business (see below) I will still buy consultancy services when I don’t have the relevant knowledge. Here’s one example that ticks the box John Thornill provides the best guidance for online business development that I have come across in the last ten years, now there’s a recommendation! CLICK HERE to see what he could do for you…

With my thirty years of experience in business helping anyone from start ups through to multi million pound turnover businesses I am available to cast my eyes over new projects and give them the ‘W.Y.L.T.T.O.S.B’ constructive comments. Send an email to:

* Source Paloma Faith

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