Everyday it seems like another couple of dozen new pieces of software enter the market and it is confusing trying to work out what is worth investing time and money in and what to avoid.

Here are a few suggestions that will help provide some guidance in this area. As you will appreciate no two businesses are the same and what might suit one may not be relevant for another.

Having said that here are some pointers that can be applied to all businesses when considering buying software…..

  1. Will it solve a problem that you have?
  2. Does it save time or automate repetitive tasks?
  3. Is it easy to operate?
  4. Are easy to follow instructions included?
  5. Is it value for money?
  6. How will it fit into your current activities?
  7. Is everything provided that you need including support?
  8. Has it been fully tested and debugged before release?
  9. If required will updates be provided?
  10. Is it a one time fee, annual or monthly charge?

By taking a moment to consider these questions (which might spark others) this will stop you from hitting the buy button to quickly and making a purchase that you might regret later. Sometimes a timer is placed on a sales page to introduce a sense of urgency, don’t let this sway you. Take time to consider what is actually on offer, as the last thing you want is a piece of software gathering ‘virtual dust’ on your hard drive! You might even find it does not do the job you thought it would or is not compatible with your skills.

There’s a lot of software out there that certainly makes life easier, achieves tasks it would take a human a lot longer to do if they could do them at all. There are without doubt a lot of benefits that can be achieved by using suitable software in your business, just be aware of stopping for a moment and consider – is it right for you?


Peter Tratt
Peter Tratt

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