The international supplier Unilever is set to appoint a number of respectable publishers to spend the majority of their online marketing budget*. This will be something of a change in emphasis and could mean less of the advertising budget spent on Facebook and Instagram adverts.

Big brands have become increasingly uncomfortable with their online adverts appearing alongside inappropriate content or images. Which has led to looking at ways of how they can be more in control of their online exposure.

Whilst the initiative may or may not be linked there has been a move by brands away from paid celebrity endorsements. This option is being replaced by businesses seeking to partner with influencers who engage with their followers. The latest research indicates consumers are more receptive to this type of subtle marketing.

If you offer marketing services consider how the new Unilever strategy will be viewed by businesses of all sizes. Organisations that need to market their products or services will be looking to find a cost-effective online marketing strategy, consider how you can provide these services.   *Source: Reuters

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