How does your morning start? Do you get up have breakfast grab a coffee and open up your laptop or turn on a computer? Does your day then start to disappear? Perhaps it gets taken over by doing emails, writing some copy image editing, making new contacts possibly even doing some research or managing customer orders? It all takes time and the question is are you making the best use of it?

This went through my mind earlier in the week whilst at a marketing seminar the title was using Social Media to develop International sales. The attendees were asked to describe their business and then there was the opportunity to say what you hoped to get out of the event.

From that point on the speaker talked little about the headline topic and bizarrely more about diet products, his shopping habits and potential cancer risks of smartphones, commenting occasionally on different platforms around the world…..

It was one of those situations where I was thinking OK it will get on track in a minute, unfortunately, several hours later it hadn’t and lots of the attendees by then were checking emails or doing Social Media updates. It was certainly not what everyone was there for and sadly an opportunity missed.

So there are two morals to this tale:

1. When you promote a product or service always check that the reader on clicking through will see content relevant to the initial information

2. Make sure you are making the best use of your time, so even if it is a free event quiz the organiser to be sure the content relates to the original sales pitch, that it will be relevant and the speaker will stay on topic!

Your time is valuable make sure you use it wisely….

Peter Tratt
Peter Tratt

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    2 replies to "Time is the most valuable of assets – but it’s easily wasted!"

    • Adil Hussain

      Yes, you are right Peter. How many times I’ve sat through free and paid webinars only to realize the whole talk could have been done in 30 mins to an hour rather than long-winded discussions from speakers.

      Also, I like your website design. It very clean and to the point.


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