I was recently watching a video by renowned internet marketer John Thornhill who by the way if you are interested in developing an online business I would definitely suggest you consider buying his online training. It’s some of the best I have seen, now there’s a recommendation! Anyway back to watching John’s video and he mentioned a book that had been recommended to him called ‘The Go-Giver’, with the sub title ‘A Little Story About A Powerful Idea’. Having read the book it influenced John in the way he went about developing his business to the point where now he has seen incredible possibly even stratospheric income increases from online sales.

Now of course just reading one book is not going to mean that your business is going to be successful. As we all know you first of all need to have a solid business idea and a strategy in place plus a commitment to work all the hours required to get your plan off the ground and then move it forward.

So I ordered my own copy and set to reading a section everyday. Featured in the front of the book are over thirty reviews commenting on the wisdom that is provided within the publication and there is even an introduction by Arianna Huffington, high praise indeed!

So what is it all about? Well The authors Bob Burg and John David Mann have taken a character (Joe) that just doesn’t seem to be able to achieve the sales he hopes for (any job could be inserted here) and is continually running to standstill or even go backwards.  He was losing sales and just wasn’t able to deliver for potential customers so was not getting the income he needed to support his family. He had heard mentioned in the office about a successful individual that lived locally, perhaps he could approach this person to be his mentor and help him achieve the big sales that he so desperately needed. He would come to know this man as Pindar – The Chairman.

Following an initial Saturday morning discussion over a cup of coffee a further series of meetings were arranged with Joe, The Chairman and his contacts. It was here he was able to discover what all of these people had in common and ultimately it was as the saying goes ‘hidden in plain sight’. Because it has to be said that all of the advice and requirements provided can be achieved by anybody. It doesn’t matter what country you live in how rich or poor even (within reason) what age you are all of the ideas put forward are doable. As mentioned though you do need the drive and commitment to carry through on the requirements and integrate them into your daily life.

‘The Go-Giver’ A Little Story About A Powerful Business Idea

by Bob Burg and John David Mann – well worth a read.


Peter Tratt
Peter Tratt

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