AWeber’s data scientist and team of email experts set out to find the elements of “the perfect email in 2019.” To do that, they analyzed 1,000 emails from 100 of today’s top businesses and entrepreneurs (like Mark Asquith, Ann Handley, Amy Porterfield, and Lee Odden, to name a few).  Their research answers 4 questions that every business with an email marketing strategy wants to know:  >>HERE’S THE QUICK LINK<<

  1. How short or long should an email be?
  2. How many characters are in a subject line?
  3. What percentage of subject lines include emojis?
  4. How do experts capitalize their email subject lines?

Nearly every business with an email marketing strategy wonders how to write the perfect email. They question the length of their emails. (Short or long?) They wonder how they can get more people to open their emails. (Should I capitalize my subject lines or not?) And they debate even the little things. (Emojis or no emojis?)

And there isn’t a simple answer to these questions — until now.

In this report you will learn

Email marketing statistics – average words in an email

The average email length

How to choose your email length

Email marketing stats. – characters in a subject line

Emojis – do they help or hinder?

Subject line – capitalization stats

How to use these email marketing techniques


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