The Hive, Beaufighter Road. Weston. BS24 8EE

Thu, May 2, 2019

9:00 AM – 12:00

In this free morning presentation discover current online and offline marketing strategies that produce results for small and medium size businesses. Also includes how to spend less time on your marketing and other tasks whilst being more productive. This event will be recorded on video.

Topics we will be covering include:

  1. Research Prospects – finding new customers
  2. Social Media – what is currently working
  3. Chatbots – the benefits and pitfalls
  4. Facebook Advertising – is it cost effective?
  5. Website & Blog Management – keeping content up to date
  6. Video – what to create and where to post
  7. Door to Door Leaflets, Direct Mail Postcards – how relevant are they?
  8. Public Relations, Human Resources, Business & Diary Management
  9. Bring it all together…..

Peter Tratt
Peter Tratt

Providing business research, strategies and reviews for entrepreneurs. Do make contact to be kept up to date with the all the latest news and information.

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