I was recently contacted by a subscriber who wanted to know what they will need when setting up an online business. Now each business is different but there a number of requirements that will be the same for all and these include:

A business bank account is a fundamental requirement as you want to keep your business costs separate to personal expenses. The reason for this is that costs related to your business can be easily identified. In many countries you may put allowable costs related to your business against the taxable profit. Also by keeping all the information in one place your book keeper or accountant can easily balance your books and then prepare annual accounts.

Next you will need a domain, website and somewhere for it to be hosted on the internet. Awhile back I was told about D9 they provide domain checking and purchasing facility, plus hosting. They have a great customer service team, as an example I forgot to create an email address and emailed them for advice and how to create one. Next morning when I checked they had done it for me! CLICK HERE FOR THEIR DETAILS

Once you have ordered a domain, hosting and email address at D9 then you need what I call ‘dressing’ for your website this is your theme. Think of it as a skin that makes your website look nice which also provides all the functions required to run your site. The one I have found that works very well is OPTIMIZE PRESS

You will need an auto responder and email (perhaps newsletter) delivery system that can be on your website and social media pages. I have found Aweber (clickable link) to provide all the resources required. They also provide extended customer support so if you need advice they can help. AWEBER

Now you are all set to put everything together, contact me if there is anything you want to go over. Any technical detail refer to the excellent customer support these providers have and which was a primary reason for them being chosen. If you are still having problems and need someone to bring everything together why not choose a freelancer at Fiverr where efficient specialists can be found. Regarding providers on Fiverr always look at the reviews for good or bad feedback and make your decision accordingly.

Note I may receive commission for purchases made through this site, only products considered to be worthwhile are recommended.


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Peter Tratt

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