Having left school at 16 with just a few qualifications I spent the next few years working on the family farm before¬† moving onto new opportunities. I have always been innovative in developing new projects that deliver value and service, whether it’s creating a brand of cookies made with organic produce, developing leisure destinations, publishing books and websites or providing online consultancy. With over thirty years in business I have gained a wealth of experience and now my emphasis is developing online projects whilst at the same time looking to provide strategy and support for fellow entrepreneurs.

I get a great feeling of satisfaction when providing guidance whether it’s to an individual, start up or multi million pound turnover business the support I give has the same level of commitment, if you need some assistance do make contact.

I have been involved with developing new business right through to exit sales that have achieved well over a million pounds. You might be thinking what is the secret to my success? Well actually there is no secret, just determination and if I didn’t know the answer to something I will go and find someone in my network of contacts who has that information.

So now you might be wondering what will be the secret to your success?

The answer is quite simply….


Once you understand that you are in charge of your own destiny and that only by learning to build your knowledge and abilities will you see a change for the better. Hating your job, where you live or being made redundant are just the catalyst you need to make a change in your circumstances!

Now I can help by pointing you in one direction or another but only you can make it happen without your commitment nothing will move forward. Never has there been a better time to make a living online especially with all the easy to use software now available that makes many tasks quicker and more effective.

The game changer for you is that there are just so many ways to make a living online now, the internet is creating successful and wealthy business people everyday and with the right attitude and work input you will have your share. Do get in touch if you have any questions (it doesn’t matter how trivial they might seem) remember every journey starts with one footstep, take that one step and you have started your journey….

Some of the sectors where I have provided guidance over the last thirty years and where you can learn from me include online/offline marketing, tourism, agriculture, retail, publishing, eCommerce, forestry, transport, software development, financial services, leisure, catering, land usage and Blockchain development. Some of the areas where I provide support include:

  • Product reviews

  • Online and offline marketing
  • Personal development coaching

  • Business research, strategy and development

  • Identify and action commercial opportunities

  • Project management

  • Strategic planning

  • Human resources

  • Negotiating

  • Communication and negotiating

  • Training & Coaching

  • Recruitment assistance

  • Operational and performance management
  • Problem solving

I look forward via this blog to keep everyone updated with business hints, ideas and reviews. If you are just starting out or established in business and have any questions, no matter how minor do make contact and I will hopefully be able to put forward some ideas or know someone that can.

Keep in touch

Peter Tratt